Paper Products


Veora Centrefeed Hand Towel 

1 ply 300m x 190mm Manufactured from virgin pulp, offering both absorbency and economy. A very economical paper giving excelent results for general wiping purposes.

  4 rolls per carton        $34.00 + gst

Earth Care 2ply 400sheet
Soft and recycled Earth Care Toilet Tissue.
48 rolls per carton 

Veora Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue.

300m 2 ply soft toilet tissue for high usage bathrooms means less time is spent replacing your toilet tissue.     8 rolls per carton           $45.00 + gst


Veora Premium 3 ply Toilet Tissue.

A highly decorated floral design for use where quality and presentation are paramount. 48 Rolls per carton $49.00 + gst


Veora Exclusive Hand towels offer incredibly softness and excellent absorbtion capacity created from air cushioning between layers guarantees comfortable and efficient hand drying.

120 sheets per pack,           20 packs per carton.       


Veora Premium Quilted Ultraslim Hand Towel.

These hand towels offer incredible softness while remaining economical in use. The High absorbtion capacity from air cushioning guarantees comfortable and efficient hand drying. Each pack contains 150 sheets and each carton contains 16 packs. $45.00 + gst


Veora 400 sheet 2 ply Toilet Tissue

This Toilet Tissue is elegantly embossed to enhance bulk and softness. For Sanitry protection each roll is wrapped separately. 48 rolls per carton 


Veora 700 sheet toilet tissue is elegantly embossed to enhance bulk, absorbency and softness. Each unscented roll is separately  wrapped for sanitary protection.

48 Rolls per carton        $50.00 +gst


Veora Facial Tissues 2 ply 100 box. Every day facial tissues offer softness and comfort for regular use. 190x200mm tissues comes in cartons of 48 boxes.        $40.00 + gst


Veora Facial Tissues 200 Box 190x200mm.  Everyday facial tissues offer the combination of a smooth surface and sheet flexability for greater softness and comfort. 32 boxes per carton $38.00 +gst 


Veora Interleave Toilet Tissue. Ideal for High use areas such as Hotels and Restuarants. Everyday toilet tissue is so soft and strong is available in 250 sheets per pack, 36 packs per carton. $40.00 +gst 

CentreFeed Dispenser
Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser