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Dualflow Air Hand Dryers

High Speed and Energy Efficient Hand Dryers
The Dualflow hand dryer is a high performance machine in a stylish package
The Twin motors push 200km of air through 300 jets on both sides of wet hands
to dry in 10-15 seconds,
The Dualflow is one of the quietest hand dryers on the market today.
This machine features Antibacterial Surfaces, Water collection feature
and an odour neutralising option.
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Dualflow  Air Hand Dryer

High Speed and Energy Efficient, Special Price on Satin unit .

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Oates Cafe Series

Extra Thick Wipes

Extra thick, highly absorbent and quick drying.

Commercial strength and reusable.

Perforated sheets for easy tear off.

90 wipes per roll.

Each sheet 300 x 500mm.

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Pac Vac Super Pro700

Call us for our special on Pac Vac Super Pro700 
vacuum cleaners.

Food Handling Vinyl Gloves

Mountain Air Cleaning Supplies has food handling vinyl gloves in stock at only 15.00 + gst per box

These are some of the best quality gloves on the market.


Livi Centre Feed Hand Towel

Livi Centrefeed Hand Towel 300m x 1 ply


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Unique and innovative product for total washroom and toilet cleaning care. Fiercely effective, yet gentle action removes lime, hard water scale, rust and waste products from all washroom surfaces. Can also be used as a floor cleaner - apply wet to floor, leave to soak a few minutes, then dry mop off. Other applications include, schools, hospitals, hotels and resorts and many domestic applications.

$15.00 + gst

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